Amelie Pumps – New Mesh

Amelie Pumps – New Mesh

Anybody played Death Stranding yet?  I couldn’t stop playing until I finished the story lol 😵  If you’ve played it, you will know these red shoes.  If not, that’s ok – Amelie is a character in Death Stranding that frequently walks around a black sand beach in bright red shoes.  Versions with Slider and No Slider Needed.

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The Slider versions REQUIRES one of the sliders.  The slider will lift your sim up, otherwise the shoes are below the floor. If needed, check my Downloads page to Choose Your Slider.  Here is a Shoe Slider Guide

  • Amelie Pumps (Mesh)
  • Amelie Pumps (Recolor – Patterns)
  • Amelie Pumps (Mesh) SLIDER
  • Amelie Pumps (Recolor – Patterns) SLIDER



-All LODs, Mesh 48 Swatches, Recolor 24 Patterns
-Medium Poly 👍
-Teen to Elder Female
Base Game and HQ Compatible
-Credits to Crazy31139
Full Amelie Outfit by @astya96cc​​ and @plazasims​​🤗



Enjoy ~ DG 😘

Always Free and Ad Free
TOU and More SHOES!? >>> *CLICK*

@maxismatchccworld​​​​​ @luckybee-sims4​​​​​ @sccfinds​​​​​ @love4sims4​​​​ 😍Thank You

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